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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Since I have nothing to do on Sunday (March 09, 2008) due to heavy rain, I spent my time indoor; read newspaper of Malaysian General election result and analysis, watching AXN, play games with my son, and re-arrange photos in our albums.

Then I realized that its good if I can share my previous journey or others activities related to hobbies in my blog. I take out the photos,scan and then store the photos in my laptop. Now I realized how important to bring camera anywhere. Even I'm not good in photography, I will make sure I will captured my activities as a memory to remember. Now, I'm prefer my kids or my wife as subject. Even our trip to Cameron Highland last February I captured more than 200 photos, there is only less than 10 photos is my photos.

I love to travel and spent my time outside rather than indoor. Since I already married and have kids, I would spare my time outside with them, except if I go for fishing with other friends. I prefer going to sea, river and jungle because I think its interesting. Until now, I have travelled around Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak). Oversea? I only managed to reach Thailand (Ish..ishh... poor me).

OK let start with my experience in Ulu Yam Dam in Hulu Langat (Selangor, Malaysia). During my bachelor's time, I used to come here at least 3 times per year. It is a very ideal place to hideaway from my routine which I can consider quite stressful.

This Ulu Yam Dam actually is reserved area for water supply and electric generator. Its suitable for camping, fishing, picnic and other activities. Normally, we just go there for camping, fishing and barbeque.

Photo : With my housemate during bachelor's with Ulu Yam Dam as background.

Photo : Myself (with blue black t'shirt)with close friend, Bob having lunch at Ulu Yam River.

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