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Monday, March 17, 2008


Cartoon is most popular character, TV series, magazines, comics, and other products in the world. Names like Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Naruto, Transformers is well known not only children but all level of people.

In Malaysia, comics is among the hot selling magazine every month. The oldest cartoon / comic is GILA-GILA which published more than 30 years ago and still on. Among others, UJANG and APO? is the highiest selling comics.

For me, I love comics / cartoon since im in primary school. My father used to treat me with comics every month, and I think I start learning from that. I am regular buyer of Gila-Gila magazine since im in form 1 until now; its about 19 years as their loyal reader. While my younger brothers is buying Ujang and Apo? magazine evey month. As each of us buying different magazine every month (some publisher publish 2 magazine per month); we will kept the magazine at our parent's house. So, we can read the magazine anytime we like.

Anybody like cartoon / comic?
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