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Monday, March 3, 2008


During our trip to Pulau Indah on 02nd March, 2008; we also visit Laguna Park. Laguna Park is well planned housing area which located next to the sea. This housing area have its own attraction - Fishing spot.

I personnaly have fishing here several time, and I think its worth to try. Even, our previous visit not gain any big-big fish; I still can smile as I can bring all my family here to accompany me. In others fishing spot that I went before, I never bring my family as its not suitable for them; some place is too crowded, too dangerous or other factors. Here, the fishing spot is near to the children playground, restaurant, toilets, bathroom, and mosque.

2 comments: said...

dapat ikan tak? :D camana? best tak lubuk tu?

izman said...

Bro syamsulariff,
Setakat ikan besar tapak tangan tu biasa la kat laguna park.

Kalau takat nak layan pancing utk hobi, gelama pisang dan ikan sembilang banyak.

Kalau sape suka ikan belacak, lagi banyakkkk.....