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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jeram Besu, Raub (Pahang, Malaysia)

Jeram Besu (Besu Rapids) is among the best white water rapids in Malaysia. It located at Sungai Lipis (Lipis River) in Raub district (Pahang, Malaysia).

How to reach there?
This area can be reach thru Raub Town if you come from Kuala Lumpur via old road from Bentong Town. After Bentong Toll, just turn left toward Bentong Town. Follow Raub or Kuala Lipis signboard until you reach Raub Town. Then find for Kuala Lipis or Benta signboard. Its about 6 KM before Benta Town. This area is easy spot as the location just beside main road on your left. Normally journey from Kuala Lumpur will take about 2-3 hours.

If you wish to overnight here, please make a reservation because its hard to find a hotel or motel here. Through my observation there is only 2 hotel/motel available here. One is Countryview Recreation Park and another one may be belong to the local youth centre.

The area is suitable for rafters, kayakers and canoeists. But beware of their rapids and stones. Fishing activities, camping, picnic and adventure activities such as 4X4, river crossing and flying fox also can be done here. Please contact local tourist operators for details.

This area is not new for me as I quite often come here since I'm bachelor. Its only about 35 minutes journey from my father's house in Jerantut (Pahang, Malaysia). furthermore, I always stop here for a break during my trip to my hometown. I personally have been here for flying fox and river crossing during my studies may be 10-15 years back.

What I don't like about this place is they lost their main identity when the hanging bridge is gone. During my last stop may be last 4 months, the hanging bridge is no more there, and I also don't know why. Toilets here is worst. Food stalls is just OK and lot of flies. Once a while during my pit stop here, I often drink its delicious 'Ais Batu cendol with Gula Kabung' or just request for 'Sup Tulang (bone soup)'. This area also not visitor friendly as very less rest area provided. Local authorities, please do something!

Photo : My wife and our son, Luqman Hakim at Jeram Besu Hanging Bridge. (The bride is no longer exist).

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