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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Let me start with my own experience on collecting coins & bank notes.

I started this hobby seriously since year 2003. Until now I have more than 500 coins & more than 40 pcs of bank notes. For collecting bank notes; I actually not a serious collector due to their expensive value. I just bought a cheap bank notes when I have extra income.

Photo : With my collection.

Normally, I got this collection thru :
1) Internet - &
2) Exchange with friends.
3) Flea market - every sunday morning @ Section 13 Shah Alam (Malawati Stadium).
4) Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya - Every Saturday & Sunday.

My coins collection included :
1) Currrency - Coins which still valid as currencies. Some coins already not used as currencies.
2) Token - Coins from video games and hypermall.
3) Commerative coins - Issued of specific events.
4) Replica - Coins which reproduced as commerative.


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