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Monday, January 21, 2008


Photo : During my fishing trip @ Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), Selangor.

Fishing is the most popular hobby in the world. Fishing is not limited to any nation and races.

Why Fishing ?
1) Release our tension.
2) Test our patience.
3) Recreation. Enjoy our time with ourself, family or friends.
4) Just love to be alone with nature.
5) Source of income.

Where / Location ?
1) River.
2) Pond / Artificial Pond
3) Sea

How to Start ?
1) Buy fishing equipment such as fishing rod. Its adviceble to buy basic equipment first. Advance equipment can be buy later.

2) Bring your friend which has related knowledge when buying fishing equipment. This to avoid been cheated and caused you pay higher price or buy unnessasary equipments.

3) If you are first timer, may be you can start fishing in the pond or river. Just to familiarize you with this new hobby.

4) Learn how to install and using the fishing equipments. Learn from expert or you can buy books, magazine or VCD.

5) Networking. Join fishing forum or website to get more friends and knowledge. Examples :

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