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Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is a very interesting hobby but always limited people like it because they think they must have a lot of money to enjoy this hobby.

Antique word is from Latin word Antiquus which refer to old collectible items. Normally, antique items is about 50 years olds items (the older is the better & valuable).The value of the antique is based on their age, rarity, condition, utility or their special & unique features.

Items which normally consider as antique :
1) Furniture - Chair, lamps, table, candle stand, ect..
2) Automotive - Bicycle, motorcycle, car, spare parts.
3) Music Equipments - Gramafon, casette, guitar, ect..
4) Household Items - Glass, spoon, knife, plate, books, bottle, can, ect..
5) Art - Drawing, painting, Manuscrip

However, some items is more on collectable items compared to antique such as :
1) Collecting items from same manufacturer or Company. Example : Collecting Coca-Cola bottles & cans.

2) Collecting item on specific subject such as collect merchanise from Manchester United Fooball Club.

3) Collecting on specific hobby such as collecting coins or stamps.

4) Collecting on specific interest which normally influence by gender. Example : Collecting dolls for female and collecting war ships for male.

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