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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I received few email from our Friends asking how to share their experience in this blog?

As I informed earlier, this blog is to gain info and also sharing info and knowledge. So, you can email me at regarding your hobby or experience.

Details you are advice to include in your email to me :-
1) Name / Nick name
2) Location / Country of origin
3) Age
4) Occupation
5) Type of Hobby
6) How long you have involved in this hobby
7) Related photos - Give brief summary of each photo.
8) Email / website or blog
9) Others

I will help you to copy your story from my email and paste its to this blog. As all details is not compulsory, please inform me if you wish not to disclosed your email or other details. Its your choices.

However, I will decide to publish or not to publish your stories, depend on your story. If not related to this blog, I'm sorry.

For details, just drop me an email at

Thanks & regards


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