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Friday, January 4, 2008


Collecting photos is very interesting hobby. Its open to all, its doesn’t matter you have a camera or not. If you have, you can captured the photo yourself. But if you don’t have camera, you still can own a collection of memorable and beautiful photos by buying photos.

Why Collecting Photos ?
1) Its enjoyable. You can release you level of stress by looking at attractive and beautiful photos.

2) Education. Photos of flowers, animals, vehicles, culture and buildings usually can be use as educational tools to educate our kids

3) Historical value. Photos usually used to captured our nations historical moments. Its will kept your valuable moment in piece of paper.

4) To generate revenue or investment. You can sell you photos. Photo Gallery for example.

5) To decorate our house or office. Just hang a beautiful photo in your bedroom and you can feel the different.

How to Start & Increase Your Collection ?
1) Buy equipment to start the collection. Its good if you own a camera. Its doesn’t matter what kind of camera; digital or SLR. Its advisable to have digital camera as you can save your photos in compact disc or in your computer.

2) Declare your hobby. Your family and friends will support you in multiple way later as time arise.

3) Be membership of your photography club. With reasonable joining fee; you will be able to attend the training to capture even better photos. You may also buy photos from other members for reasonable price.

4) Plan your collection. Try to start with simple collection target. Example limit your collection by your own country, or by motive (animals, buildings, flowers, ect..).

5) Buy from source county. If you’re going to collect photos from Malaysia, it’s advisable to get the photos directly from Malaysia. Eg:

6) Buy from reputable online photo seller. Website such as shutterstock not only sell photo; you also can sell your photo and make money by joining their affiliate programme. Just click their banner as provided below for details. Its recommended to login as their member; its FREE. Then, join the affiliate programme to get easy income when you refer their website to new photographer or to someone who love to buy their collection. Example :

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