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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Reading? Please don't tell me that you hate reading because you are reading my blog right now. Ha.ha.ha....

Why should we read?
1) Better life. With proper education, you may have better career and life.
2) Gain knowledge in any field. Learn new language for example.
3) Learn form others experience. You can purchase bibliography of your favourite icon and then try to follow their footstep to success.
4) To teach others. With knowledge, you can teach your kids.

What to read?
1) Education books.
2) Religous books.
3) Newspaper & magezines.
4) Novels.
5) Internet - website, blog, ebooks, ect...
6) comics, manga and cartoons.
7) Anythings that can suits you.

Where to read?
1) Education institutions - Kindergarden, School, College & university.
2) Library.
3) Internet. There is unlimited knowledge in the internet. Just pick something that suit you.
4) Anywhere.

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