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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Traveling is not only for richman. Anybody can travel abroad or just travel locally to enjoy the excitement. If you plan properly and search in the proper channel, you can travel with very affordable cost.

Why Must Traveling ?
1)Relaxing. You may release your tension and forget your heavy work load for a while.
2)Visit interesting place.
3)To strengthen your relationship with your loved ones, close friend or family.

How To Travel ?
1)On foot. This is among the popular traveling method by backpacker. You can travel by passing vehicle for free. Beware of serial killer or rapist whom will take advantage from female backpacker.

2)By bus. Its cheap and convenience.

3)By train. Also cheap but not all area covered by train. Sometimes you must find another feeder transport to reach your destination.

4)By boat or sailing. You must be rich to travel using this method. If I’m wrong, please share with me your experience and how to travel by boat on reasonable cost. I’m serious.

4)By plane. It’s expensive. But some places you only can reach by plane, you have no choice. What you can do is search for low cost plane. If you travel to Malaysia, you can try our local low cost plane :

What Should You Do To Plan You Travel ?
1)Determine your budget. Are you going abroad or just travel locally. It’s advisable to travel locally first. There must be some places nearby you can visit. Don’t spent too much on your travel, and then cause you headache.

2)Identify your destination. Select location which suit you most. Either beach, mountain, jungle, lake, historical area, and other places.

3)Select your suitable date. If you plan properly, you can save time and cost of journey. Some transport such as plane offer low price for its ticket if you booked 2 or 3 months in advance.

4)Identify accommodation option. Choose accommodation which suit you. You can stay in hotel, camping or just have a nap in the public transport during journey. It’s your choice. If you prefer staying in hotel, make sure you make early reservation. Make it’s documented reservation, without proof you will not be entertain. Even worst, you will waste your time and money to looking for another hotel.

5)Make the necessary transport arrangement. Make some effort to buy a map and study the transportation to the area. Even you already have a good plan, it’s good you have 2nd plan. Only God’s know what will happen.

6)If possible, make you own itinerary program. With self discipline to follow the schedule, you can utilize your time effectively.

What Should You Do Before Travel ?
1)Stop newspaper deliveries.

2)Notify your post office to hold your mail.

3)Notify your housing area security guard and local police to guard and patrolling your housing area during your absence.

4)Inform your neighbor to have a look on your house during your travel. If you trust them, give your house’s key for security reasons. They also may take care of your plants or pets. Don’t forget to give them your address and contact number during travel. When returned from your journey, buy a nice souvenirs for them.

5)Lock all doors and windows.

6)Switch off electricity supply. Unplug all electrical equipments.

7)Empty your refrigerator.

8)Take effort to search for your destination enforcement law. Some countries only allowed certain amount of cash money to carry when enter their counties. Some countries only allowed tourist staying only for certain period. Read their immigration act related to tourist.

What Should You Bring During Travel ?
1)Identification documents such as passport, identity card must be bring along for identification and security reasons. In countries like Malaysia, Muslim couple must bring their marriage certificate to avoid been arrested by religious department’s enforcement officers.

2)Cash money / credit card / Auto Teller Machine card / cheque (check) / Travelers Cheque. How much to bring? Depend on your budget.

3)Road map. With map, you can plan your destination by destination. Avoid wasting time searching and asking for direction. Remember, not all people understand English.

4)Dictionary. With quick reference with you; you can communicate with local people easily.

5)Camera to capture you amazing and unforgettable moments.

6)Personal hygienic items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, make up, perfume, comb, hair gel, ect…

7)First aid kit. Plaster and antiseptic lotion is ok if you refuse to bring full set of first aid kit items. If you under specific medication, please bring your doctor’s medication letter or you will face problems with immigration or local authority. Carrying drug will caused death penalty in Malaysia.


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