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Monday, February 18, 2008


I just came back from a trip to Cameron Highland, Pahang after 3 days 2 nights (16/2/08 - 18/02/08) trip there with my family. As this trip is a lot of wonderful experience and interesting places, I will write the full story in few part. This first part is to introduce the resort/hotel.

In Cameron Highland (CH), we stay at Cameron Highland Country Lodge Resort which located in Brinchang, Cameron Highland. This is a very strategic location in CH as its located in Brinchang Town.

The resort is just a walking distance from police station, town, night stall, banks, post office, internet cafe, restaurants and other facilities. Petrol station (Petronas & Shell) also less than a minute driving from this resort.

Overall, the resort is excellence. The area is nice, and good view from our balcony. The most important, the provide hot shower (Its really cold here....). But I wonder how can this resort not providing fridge in the room. How can we storage our strawberry and vegetable without fridge? This is the first time I'm staying in the hotel/resort without fridge. Even the weather and environtment there is cold, not meant we can just put our strawberry, fruits and vegetables anywhere in our hotel room.

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