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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I just read email from Mr. Shahid; my friend from India which expert on stamps.

This is his advice to me as I still new in collecting stamps. I would like to share with all stamps lover.

"Thanks for the message and as you are a new collector i just wanted to guide you a bit... collecting stamps is fun, interesting and informative too.

First you need to decide at which level you want to collect stamps and how much time you are keen to devote..

Begin with a theme that suits you best.. like me, my subject is Islamic heritage and architecture and so i love collecting stamps that shows buildings like mosques, tombs, minars and then stamps on calligrahy, Haj, Quranic reading, Hejira, etc..

then you need to decide whether you love to collect mints or used... i collect mints as they are clear and easily visible... but everyone has his own likings... when you buy any stamps you may like to have more information on it and so you can alwasy buy information brochure which comes very cheap but is a wealth of info on the history of stamps..... all this for a serious collector like me...

Then you think of arranging your stamps, keeping, exchanging and so on.....

so think of your theme first and grow with that"

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