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Monday, February 4, 2008


Here we provide you with essential safety information as well as tips on safe conduct for whenever you find yourself on the road. Click on any one of these topics, and you may pick up a thing or two that could save your life or the lives of those around you.


1. Plan your journey to avoid last minute rush and panic. For long distance journey make sure you are not tired or sleepy. Also never drive under the influence of alchohol or drugs.

2. Obey speed limits. They are there for a purpose.

3. Obey safety rules when changing lanes. Give appropriate signals and check side mirrors and rear view mirror before executing this potentially dangerous traffic manoeuvre.

4. Practise safety at traffic intersections by stopping on red and amber warning signs.

5. Avoid tailgating as it very dangerous.

6. Always overtake safely. Never overtake when in doubt.

7. Don't jump queue. It is rude and dangerous.

8.Don't weave through traffic. It is hazardous and risky.


1. Switch on Lights
i)Switch on the vehicles dim lights when visibility drops below normal.
ii)Switch on dipped headlights when the visibility is seriously reduced. Don’t use main beam as the fog will reflect the light and can dazzle you and reduce your visibility even further. Moreover use of the main beam can dazzle other drivers.

2. Reduce Speed
Slow down so that you can brake in the event of an emergency.

3. Maintain Safe Following Distance
Drivers should maintain a safe following distance with the vehicle in front to give drivers spare and time to respond to any hazardous condition ahead.

4. No Parking By Roadside
Parking should be off road and wherever possible only at lay byes and R & R areas. Leave your dim lights on for safety of other road users.

5. Caution in Turning and Overtaking
Do not turn or overtake other vehicles unless you are absolutely certain it is safe to do so.

6. Vehicle Breakdown
Get the vehicle off the road. Inform the police and the highway operator to tow the vehicle to safety immediately.

7. Senior Citizens
Senior citizens with poor eyesight are advised to avoid driving in hazy conditions.

8. Watch Out for Traffic Announcements on Radio and Electronic Signboards
Drivers are advised to listen to traffic announcements on radio and electronic signboards informing motorists of the latest traffic information and situation.

9. Special caution for motorcyclists
In addition to the above precautionary measures motorcyclists are advised to use bright colored clothing and helmets with luminous material to enhance their visibility and also to wear protective face mask.

10. Caution to car drivers
Do not use hazard lights whilst driving in the haze as it can cause confusion to other drivers and road users. Hazard lights are only for use when a vehicle break down and stops in an emergency.

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Mr-Lance said...

good advice. every one should know this stuff.