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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Beside strawberry, fruits and vegetables; Cameron Highland offer more than that. Among others is:-

1) Cactus
There is a lot of cactus farm / garden here. Among the famous is Cactus points and Cactus Valley. I only manage to visit Cactus Point. The best part of Cactus Points is there is more than 100 of cactus species here, which also offer in a very good price. What I'm happy about this place is, IT'S FREE ENTRANCE.

2. Brinchang Craft Centre
This centre is located in the middle of Brinchang Town. It's offer variety of crafts, Souvenirs, postcard, antiques and others. I just bought few postcard which requested by friends.

3. Brinchang Central Market
This centre is popular tourist spot in Brinchang to buy crafts, Souvenirs and others Cameron Highland products (non food). The price here also quite cheap.

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