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Monday, February 25, 2008


I think most of us like adorable animal as their friends or we prefer call as pets. There is variety of pets as below:-
1) Fish
2) Bird
3) Cat
4) Dog
5) Iguana
6) Snake
7) Rabbit
8) Hamster / rat
9) Chicken
10) Turtle / Tortoise
11) Others

Pets as per our normal perseption is tame animals such as cat or dog; but there is a group of people have wild animal such as crocodile, snake or even tiger as their pets.

In Malaysia; some endanged species of bird require a license to keep as a pets.

To have a pet is easy, just buy from shop. But, to keep the pets live and healhty is difficult. We must take care of their food, vitamins, safety, and others aspect every time. If you just abandone your pet, some department or society will chase after you. In some serious case, the pets owner is charged in court.

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