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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I just registered as member of Online Travel Company which offer discounted price for their members. As a quite regular traveller, I'm looking for any offer that will save me during travel.

Of course I'm not afford to pay higher cost for my travel, and that's why I'm looking for travel company which can provide me with affordable price. My advice is "please do not stick to one particular travel company. Just open your eye to any better offer that can save your time and money". The Company which I just registered is

The good points about this company is they offer ther registered users to promote their friends to join as registered members and get the same benefits. Among the benefits is:-

1)You will get paid RM80.00 or 80 points for all user registered for Account A under your account (but you must be registered members under category A).

2)Buy packages at Members price (20% less).

3)Get your own travel agent price and sell it to your friends and get commission (5-20%)

4)Redeem points to cash directly to your bank.

5)Introduce more members to account B (Free Account) and system will help them to transfer to account A. And you get your profit (RM80).

6)Your own web manager page to manage User, Account , Package or Product online.

7)Introduce user limits increase up to 39 new members under 1 ID.

8)Registration is for a lifetime. Your points is not going to obsolete but it will always increasing.

9)Keep out from high risk online investment program. Let us generate profit with VM affiliate travel website.

So, if you wish to save on your travel, expecially during your trip to Malaysia, please dont forget to login and register with this Company. You can see a lot of unbeatable offer for vacation.

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