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Monday, April 28, 2008


Tattoo and body painting is become a trend nowadays. Its not only happen in western countries but become popular all over the world.

Last 20-30 years back, tattoo is symbols of power and rangking among secret society and gansters. However, world is changing. Tattoo become fashion among youngsters. Some tattoo is still remain permanent, but some tattoo is remain for a while. For arts lovers, they also paint their body to show their expressions.

Just enjoy this lovely tattoo which email to be by friend :-

Original Source : Unknown


ita.itu said...

aduh..bodoh drg ni ek..dah tentu2 sakit kan

izman said...

atas nama seni katanya. utk org Islam, HARAM!

pB said...

salam ....

SENI yang menyakitkan ....

izman said...

salam kembali.

dah la sakit, berdosa pulak utk org Islam. So, fikirkanlah..