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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fishing Trip to Pulau Pemanggil (Johor, Malaysia)

I received email from hardcore angler on his previous fishing expedition. His name is Khairul Azman, but he prefered to be known as kayrool.

He prefer fishing in the deep sea with his closed friends. Their team experience has published several times in local newspaper. This hobby is still on even most of their team members is getting married.

For this time, he would like to share some photos during his fishing expedition to Pulau Pemanggil (Pemanggil Island) in district of Mersing (Johor, Malaysia).

He can be contacted thru his email


Anonymous said...

what a nice trip bro.

izman said...

Thanks 4 drop by.

If u need details on this fishing trip, please email the writer personnally.