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Friday, April 4, 2008

Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya (Selangor, Malaysia) - Ideal Place for Collectors

Last Sunday (30th March,2008), I bring my family to Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya (Selangor, Malaysia)just to look for new collection. To new readers, I am a serious collector of coins. I also looking for stamps for my friends as agreed for exchange and some for selling. For info, I also selling Malaysian stamps for very very cheap price.

Photo : My son, Luqman Hakim posing with collectible stalls as background

For information, Amcorp Mall is the ideal place to look for your collection. Items such as stamps, antique, coins & bank notes, First Day Cover (FDC), toys, dolls, music instruments, Coca-cola cans, and many more. But please remember, this kind of collection only offer to you on Saturday and Sunday.
Photo : Some of collectible in Amcorp Mall.

If you are new in collecting stamps and wish to come here to buy stamps, just have a look first. Bargain if you dare to. For me its worth to bargain. Usually, I buy in bulk not less that 300 pcs of stamps. But this time, the beautiful and interesting stamps is not much. I just consider this trip as lunch trip with my beautiful wife and my dear son and daughter. I enjoyed this hobby as I can bring my family to participate and select stamps and coins. My son has choose one coins (games token actually) for me and I just happy to buy as the token not yet in my collection.

Photo : Crowd in Amcorp Mall.


arsaili said...

like father like son..sejibik

izman said...

thanks 4 drop by.

dh mould cam tu, keluar produk cam2 le. Hobi mmg boleh dipupuk. seronok tgk anak2 minat dgn sesuatu. lebih2 lagi hobi tu boleh dibuat bersama keluarga.

Apa hobi arsaili?

arsaili said...

thanks for adding up. Me..suka jenjalan dan ambik gambar(even tho tak reti) ahaks..

izman said...

no harm. akupun dh add diri aku kat blog ko.

ambik gambar bagus; kenang2an dan memori yg kita boleh nampak.