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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Plan for trip to Singapore

Next 2 months, which on July 2008; I plan to visit Singapore. I'm not sure my wife and kids will follow or not but I defenately must go there. My best friend happiest day - He's marry Singaporean.

As I already confirmed to join them, I must lookin' for suitable hotel, transport, and visit few places in Singapore during my 2 days there.

Anybody have suggestion on which bus I must take from KL to Singapore as I will not using own car. Some people suggesting Nice Express which cost me RM80.00 per trip.

Im still think should I go by bus? My 2 kids is too 'ulu' to travel by bus. As I remember, I never bring them by bus yet!

My friends family members planning to have group visa/passport to enter Singapore. Its good as my wife and kids don't have their own passport. Should I join for group visa or use my own passport?

Any tips for travel to Singapore?


shahril aley said...

aritu ade baca the sun ade promotion kat singapore for malaysian. u can go to the famous theme parks & pay entrance fee in RM (untung banyak oooo). otherwise u pay in SGD & get 50% discount. but u must be there on 23 may - 30 june 2008.

izman said...

shahril aley,
yes.. i also came across that ads 'm'sian pay half'. If their fees is USD 19, m'sian pay RM19.

The probs is the event is on early july.

Deb said...

don't know about your questions but hope you have a lovely time in singapore at your friend's wedding.

izman said...

thanks 4 drob by. I hope so...

ita.itu said...

syoknye pg singape...bila la aku nak pg nih..jeles

izman said...

harap2 x de aral.