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Monday, May 5, 2008

Journey to nature - Taman Negara (Jerantut, Pahang)

Last Saturday (03/05/2008); I and few fellow friends went to Taman Negara (National Park) in Jerantut, Pahang. Journey by car from Klang to Jerantut Town takes about 3 hours as we are good driver which obeyed the rules. Then we use the land road to Taman Negara via Felda Padang Piol. For your info, There is 2 exit to Taman Negara from Jerantut ;-
1) using boat from Kuala Tembeling. Journey will take 2-3 hours with wonderfull scenery. Enjoy the green forest, passing thru Orang Asli settlement, experienced the rapid ect...

2) Using land road via Padang Piol. Journey will take about 1.5 - 2 hours. As im using this road, just read thru.

Photo : Road to Taman Negara. Beware of passing by animals

Along the journey to Kuala Tahan via Felda Padang Piol; we choose tu using the old road which located next to Pahang River. We reach Felda settlement and traditional Malay village such as Kg. Jong Berlabuh, Kg. Labu, Merting, Felda Sungai Retang, Kg. Pasir Tambang ect..

Thru the journey, we can see lot of villagers animals feely crossing the road or just landing in the middle of the road chatting each other.
Photo : One of the cow's group during journey to Kuala Tahan.

Along the road, I can see the Solar light (lamp) installed by road side. For me, is good afford by local authority. But, did they maintain and inspect the light; I don't think so. This because I can see more than 5 solar light already collaped.

Photo : Solar Light

Again, This is the most embarassing moments for local authority. I do understand that land slide is act of God, but please do something to prevent. In this case, its already happen, and according to villager in Kuala Tahan; this was occur last 2 weeks and the authority just move the things aside. Hey! this is the image of our country, please do something about its. May be you can assigned a watchman to ensure our journey is safe.

Photo : Area which affected by landslide. Nobody there to guide the motorist.

At last, we reach Kuala Tahan. What a relief! My bumm is already hot. Luckily our friend, Hasmadi which originated from Padang Piol familiar with the road. Oh... thanks to his father for his car. Ford is a reliable car.

Photo : Kuala Tahan Jetty

To be in Taman Negara, we must cross the river. If you brave enought, may be you can swim (just kidding). Just use the boatman service to cross the river for RM1.00 per person. During my last visit, the fee to cross the river just RM0.50 / person. Their reason for increase the fee? Harga minyak dah naik (The fuel price is increasing).

Photo : In the boat to cross the river. RM1.00 per person. If I know how to swim, I dare swim.

Here we are, TAMAN NEGARA.

Photo from left : Myself and En. Rusli.

To visitors to Taman Negara, when you step in Taman Negara jetty, please register yourself at their information counter and pay some fees.

Some of the photos during my visit to Taman Negara :-

Photo : Tourist Information Counter. Please look for this counter and register yourself.

Photo : This how the information looks like.

Photo : Fees you should pay during your stay (exclude accomodation)

Photo : Signage of the interesting places in Taman Negara. (just ignore the model)

Photo : Some of the Chalets. Alternatively, you can find nearby chalets or guest house which much-much more cheaper. Just ask the boatman or local people nearby.

Photo : Floating Restaurant.

Photo : Kuala Tahan view from Taman Negara.

However, our plan to enjoy the world largest canopy walkway can not be fullfilled due to bad weather. Lucky us, less than 10 minutes we walk out from Taman Negara, there was a heavy rain. We return back to Hasmadi's house at Padang Piol to take back the car. Again, we were treat by delicous lunch. Then, we continue our journey back to Klang. Since our planned is cancelled due to heave rain, we have plenty of time to spent with. We just drop by to Maran, Pahang to buy some Keropok. We reach Klang about 9.00PM.

What a great journey. Wht should I worry, tomorrow is sunday. I can sleep the whole day. Just wake up during prayers, and my wife will be fine.

If you wish to read more about my previous journey to Taman Negara or to gain more info about Taman Negara, feel free to surf this article and web :-
Journey to Taman Negara


ita.itu said...

mcm best je man..sakan ko jalan ek

izman said...

aku naik kereta (kui..3x).

Yg budget murah je aku gi.

Deb said...

Such an interesting blog. I enjoy visiting.
Blessings, Deb

izman said...

Thanks. please come again.

azhar said...

Hi Izman, I read with interest your road trip to Taman Negara. I would like to do the same trip, that is, driving to Kuala Tahan.

I have a couple of questions to ask before making this trip though:

1) Is the road safe for a normal car to drive through or do you need a 4WD to get to Kuala Tahan.

2) Is it ok to go without prior booking of the resort or hostel there? Please advice..

Thank you in advance,