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Monday, December 24, 2007


Everybody deserve a Hobby?
You must be kidding! It's for our kid not for us.

This is the most scenario i have faced when I adviced my freinds to have their own hobby.

Why should we have a hobby?
For me, we should have a hobby because :-
1) To release our tension
2) To make us bz
3) To earn extra income
4) To get more freinds
5) To gain more knowledge

No doubt, all of us despite of our age, country of origin, race and religion have interesting hobby from our early age and grow with our maturity . BUT if you don't have any hobby, you can start your new hobby RIGHT NOW!

There is thousand of interesting hobby out there for you to choose. Please select only hobby that suit you; don't just be follower. BE YOURSELF.

We will provide you with the information that you required. However, we unable to list and details all at this moment. But we promise to select the best and the most interesting hobby to publish here and we will update this centre regularly and add more interesting hobby for your information and selection.

Most important, you get full information on your interesting hobby. Perhaps you will happy with your hobby and earn spiritual and monetary benefits from your interesting hobby.

What do you things about having our own hobby?

1 comment:

izman said...

What is your hobby?
If you still don't have a hobby; don't worry. May be you can choose one from myhobbylist:-
1) Collecting Coins
2) Collecting Stamps
3) Reading
4) Travelling
5) Camping
6) Photography
7) Fishing
8) Gardening
9) Hiking
10) Collecting Photo's
11) Others

Still don't have idea for your own hobby? Keep surfing this blog as I or anybodies else will guide you for suitable hobby.