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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


EXPENSIVE ! This is the general view when we are thinking to start this interesting hobby.

YES, may be you’re right. Collect coins & Bank Notes from hundred of countries around the world with different value and denomination will cost a lot of money; especially race coins & bank notes.

But, let we show you how you can start this interesting hobby with less cost.

Why Collect Coins and Bank Notes ?
1) As hobby of course! Its comes with different shapes, colors and great visual. Its fun and enjoying.

2) Historical and cultural value. Normally coins & bank notes published with current achievement of the countries.

3) As investment. Many notes have been growing in value recently. You can sell your collection online and offline.

4) As educator. To educate people especially children, few countries start to publish limited commemorative coins. Example: Malaysia have published Coin in Education for endangered species to create awareness on endanger species such as birds and turtles.

How to Start & Increase Your Collection ?
1) Declare your hobby. Tell your family and friends that you are Coins & bank notes collector. Who’s know may be they have excessive items for you during their traveling to foreign countries. If you are lucky, they will give something to you for free or sell to you in very reasonable price.

2) Make friends from all over the world. Don’t limit your friendship to any nation, race, age, skin color, religion or political differences. You can get new friend thru chatting room or any mailing group such as yahoogroups. If you dare to ask, your friend will happy to give their country’s coins & bank notes for free, exchange or sell in very reasonable price.

3) Buy from your local bank or authorized money changer. Major bank and money changer will able to sell you world currencies with current market price. However, only current bank notes available for sale. You can not buy other countries coins from them.

4) Buy books on coins & bank notes. Avoid from been cheated by fake coins & bank notes especially rare items and coins & bank notes from other countries. You can purchase from your local bookstores or online store such as or

5) Visit your local flea market or car boot sale. Bargain, bargain and bargain for cheap price. Beware of fake items. Its advisable to buy related books on coins & bank notes before looking for specific items to avoid been cheated.

6) Be membership of your local numismatic society. With reasonable membership fee, normally you may subscribe their newsletter, attend their meting, sale, auction and also can exchange coins & bank notes with other members. Example of numismatic society as follows :- = Malaysia Numismatic Society = American Numismatic Association

7) Surf in the internet for auction coins & bank notes. You may trade your extra and unwanted items for cash. Then, buy other items to increase your collection. Beware of fake items when purchase from auction website. Example of auction website is :-

8)Buy directly from commemorative coins & bank notes from its manufacturer. This types of items usually minted by specific manufacturer and only limited unit produced. Buy directly from them usually cheaper than buying from individual seller.

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