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Sunday, August 10, 2008

MAHA2008 Activities and Show Highlights

Start : 11-23/08/2008
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue : Serdang, Malaysia

Exhibition Area
Hall A - Government and Agencies Exhibition
Hall B - International / Guest Nation & Private Sector with International Affiliation
Hall C - Local Corporate Exhibition
Hall D1 - Popular Dishes of Malaysia
Hall D2 - Agrobazaar
Hall D3 - Walk-in Seminars & Opening/Closing Ceremony

Agrobazaar @ Hall D2
Sale of Agro-Based Products by Small & Medium Enterprise
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

“Malaysia Truly Asia Kitchen”
Popular Dishes of Malaysia @ Hall D

Walk in Seminar @ Hall D3
-Opportunities to Increase Export in Agriculture and Food
-Entrepreneur Success & Opportunities in Agriculture and Food
-Opportunities in Agriculture and Food Business

Livestock Exhibition- Cow & Goat

Technology Exhibition & Livestock Based Product
-Livestock Technology Exhibition
-Livestock Increase Issue & Value Product Sales
-Cooking Demonstrations by Celebrity Chef- Chef Ismail, Chef Florence & Chef Razak

Interaction/ Recreation
Petting Zoo “Guinea Pig, Chipmunk, Rabbit & Hamster”
Cats & Dogs Competition & Exhibition
Camel, Pony & Elephant Riding
Zoo Exploring
Horse Activity “Pony Ride, Carriage Ride & Musical Ride”
Horse & Rabbit Exhibition
Souvenirs Selling
Photo Taking with Animals
Awareness Campaign
Goat Activities- Goat Circuit & Milk Feeding

Livestock Sales & Auction

Rodeo Show
Steer Wrestling
Bull & Bareback Riding
Saddle Bronc
Rope & Tie
Team & Breakaway Roping
Ladies Barrel Race
Steer Undercorating

Livestock Competition (Cow & Goat)
“Induk Comel”
“Pejantan Unggul”

Pastura Muzium
Exhibitions & Sales of Seed, Organic seed Livestock Food, Pesticide & Paraquat

Demonstration Centre
Goat Semen Collection
Jersey Cattle Milk Extraction Demonstration

State Pavilions
Investment Opportunities in Various States
States Products

Show by Popular Artist & Cultural
Karaoke Competition
Liveband Competition
Weight Lifting Competition

Flowers, Palms, Herbs, Paddy, Pineapple, Vegetables and Landscape
Horticulture Farm

Agriculture Machineries Exhibition @ Machineries Farm

Static Exhibition relating Livestock Technology & Department

Exhibition @ the Lake
Breeding of Cage Fish

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ita.itu said...

tq bg info nih man.

izman said...

ko pujuk lah hubby ko bawa gi sana. bunga2 termasuk orkid, roses murah2. kalau dia minat sup ekor, mintak la kat tokey lembu potong ekor sikit. fresh gile.