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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top 10: Beach Destinations

Enjoy breathtaking sand, water and relaxation at these top 10 beach destinations:

1. St-Tropez, France
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Fiji
4. Corfu, Greece
5. St. Vincent, Caribbean
6. Seychelles
7. Boracay, Philippines
8. Canary Islands, Spain
9. Maldives
10. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Source : Week of June 16, 2008


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6 comments: said...

I love Boracay. Also according to Boracay belongs to the Worlds Top 10 Beaches :)

Greetings from, Boracay :)

izman said...,
its great to hear from you regarding how beautiful boracay its is.

i already surf ur web and its nice.

ita.itu said...

man..sume tempat aku x pg lagi..sian kan aku..haha

izman said...

wa... aku pun tak penah gi jugak. siannya aku.

Deb said...

greetings from ireland! i've been neglecting my travel blog of late. we have had so many medical appointments to catch up on. however i am scheming up another trip. not sure when as we are on a very tight budget, but plan to maybe pack up the tents and head to turkey.
how are you and your family?

izman said...

its great to hear again from u. my family is in superb condition.

i aggree with u, we must plan every trip properly even for half day trip.

budget? of cource to people like me, budget is very limited. but i try my very best to fulfill my responsibility as father and husband.

we will go to singapore early next month.